Angry at De Pompa's double-dip

As a 34-year resident of Glendale, I am hopping mad over the controversial double-dipping of wages policy of the city of Glendale. So-called “retired” Police Chief Ron De Pompa and 44 other “retired” city employees are reaping the benefits of such an unfair policy. It seems that fairness doesn’t count any more at City Hall.

De Pompa is already drawing a six-figure pension of approximately $192,600 and was hired back by City Manager Scott Ochoa to earn $103 per hour until the end of the fiscal year, June 30. Boy, what a grand deal for De Pompa.

According to the news report, the police chief, 57, announced his official retirement on March 2. And it’s possible that De Pompa could be working after his second “retirement” at another city like former chief Randy Adams did.

I also criticize City Manager Scott Ochoa for being involved in this double-dipping scheme. It is normal practice for a city, when a high-ranking employee is retiring, that he or she stays on the job until a replacement is found. Instead, the city manager talked De Pompa into staying through the fiscal year and being paid a very sizable hourly wage. Why didn’t Ochoa tell De Pompa to stay on until a replacement was found, with no double-dipping? That is the key question. And why were 44 former Glendale city employees given the same treatment as the police chief?

The residents of Glendale deserve a saner and fairer approach to the employee retirement issue.

Don Mazen

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