But where was Sinanyan's apology?

I read and reread Ron Kaye's article (“Sinanyan faces the challenge,” April 21) about Councilman Sinanyan's “regrets” but was unable to find any apologies to those of us that were insulted by Sinanyan's barbaric remarks.

It looked like Sinanyan “regretted” that he was found out and this article appears to be a calculated attempt (one week after he was sworn in) by Sinanyan to get past this issue — but no apologies. I get that Sinanyan's family and people went through horrific times, but why on earth would he in turn denigrate others of us that have also been killed, kept down and also seen horrific times? Come on Mr. Sinanyan, be a true role model and apologize to us — the city of Glendale deserves this. I for one will let it go if you apologize.

Marty Bracciotti

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