Sinanyan should step down from Glendale City Council

The front page of the Glendale News-Press on May 2 carried the headline, “Sinanyan issues apology from council dais.” Apologies are good if they are sincere.

However, one has to doubt Zareh Sinanyan’s sincerity. Why? Because the apology comes only after being “cornered,” with no other alternative. The hate speech was real and genuine and Sinanyan knew it from the beginning. Yet he stood before the city of Glendale and smeared Laura Friedman when she brought up the issue, saying, “She’s lying.” He knew she was not lying, but he still proceeded down his path of hate, lies and deceit. He knew exactly what he was doing and saying.

Sinanyan has brought hate into the very heart of Glendale and now he sits on the city council, professing his desire to “serve” the city. The best way for Sinanyan to serve the city of Glendale is to step down from the city council. His hate has brought shame to his wife; brought shame to his children; brought shame to his entire family; brought shame to his supporters that he duped with his lies; and most of all, he has brought shame to the city of Glendale.

Sinanyan’s immaculate conversion is false.

Carole Weling

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