Two sets of rules in the city

I spoke at City Council on March 12 and March 19 regarding the gender discrimination and ethnic bigotry that are alive and well in Glendale.

Witness the council meeting of March 12, when council member Laura Friedman reported that a person appointed to a city commission, who was also a candidate for city council, had allegedly written pornographic, homophobic and misogynistic postings dating back five years.

It was Friedman's duty to agendize the matter so that the information could be vetted in a public forum. This city commissioner was asked several times to deny ownership of the nasty postings. Zareh Sinanyan would not deny sending them. A few years ago Lenore Solis was accused of making disparaging remarks at a community meeting in Atwater. She denied doing so and there was no proof or the allegation, but she was kicked off the Water & Power Commission in October 2005 regardless.

Yet Sinanyan was allowed to remain on the commission because “it would embarrass his family to remove him.” Lenore Solis was kicked off without ever being questioned by the council. What about the embarrassment to her elderly parents and son? Seems as though there are two sets of rules for the same allegations. I find this type of scenario very insulting to my intelligence. And to think that this all happened during Women's Rights Week.

Margaret Hammond

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