City's leadership has become 'sad circus'

I am struggling to comprehend why there is not more outrage about the election of Zareh Sinanyan. This is America, it's not like we are bereft of sleazy politicians, but to have this man write the things he wrote and handle the accusations in the completely hyper-defensive manner in which he did, even trying to deflect the ugliness onto a well-respected council woman while the main press outlet in the city turns its back — it's embarrassing. Yet he still was elected and only after immense pressure and fumbling we got an apology? Too little too late. I would hope recall is an option, but the sense I am getting is that it is not. Why not? My fear is that he will remain in his seat out of apathy by the people and by the powers that be. It doesn't help that early objections by constituents were nearly crushed by what I sense from watching the council meetings online is an almost petulant mayor, chiding voters for wasting his time.

Today in Glendale cultural divisions grow, concerned parents beg to maintain a competitive education and the general quality of life shrinks — not to mention we have the most dangerous roads and the highest incidents of credit theft in the nation. We need leadership in Glendale now more than ever, but instead we get this sad circus. I have had discussions with our neighbors and parents at my son's school and we all are coming to the same conclusion: that this city is becoming a less desirable environment to raise a family in. Does anyone know a good Realtor?

Nathan Cole




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