Gharpetian appointment a wrong move

We were astounded to learn in the June 30 issue of the Glendale News-Press that Vartan Gharpetian has been appointed to the Glendale Historic Preservation Commission by the Glendale City Council. Where is the evidence of Gharpetian’s experience, credentials or even interest in historic preservation? Moreover, the fact that the City Council acted in a manner contrary to the Glendale Historical Society’s opposition to this appointment demonstrates that the Council ignores the recommendations of respected local organizations.

The Glendale Historic Preservation Commission’s website lists among the required qualifications, “All members shall demonstrate interest, competence and knowledge in historic preservation.” We are at a loss as to how Gharpetian meets this qualification.

What specifically were the Council’s motives for approving this appointment? All available information points to his opposition of preserving Glendale’s historic assets. We urge the City Council to reverse this appointment and seek advice from knowledgeable and respected local organizations before making appointments to any city commission.

David Catlin
Susan Dasso
Peter Eggena
Zuzka P. Eggena
Scott Halloran
Heather Lipari
John Lipari
Byron Peebles
Louise Peebles
Peter Rusch
Gloria Sander
Jerome Sander
Editor's note: The writers are all Glendale residents who were involved in acquiring the North Cumberland Heights historic district designation for their neighborhood last year.

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