Survey calls rate increases too much

In July, The Armenian National Committee of America-Glendale Chapter hosted a survey regarding the Glendale Water and Power electrical-rate increases. The survey was intended to both educate community members regarding the proposed increases as well as to allow for feedback. The survey was conducted in public areas and through submissions electronically. 

More than 35% of the businesses and more than 55% of the residents who responded were unaware of the increases before they completed the survey. Those polled overwhelmingly reject the proposed rates because many feel that they are too high. An average of 88.1% of people that took the survey do not support this great of an increase for the reasons mentioned by GWP. Many of the businesses commented that they are barely able to pay their rents, while some said that with rate hikes such as these, they would have to close or lay off some of their staff eventually. Many residents mentioned that they are struggling and that the rationale behind the proposed rates has not been made clear. 

The ANCA Glendale feels also that the rates are too high for the community and that the GWP should consider revisiting its options so that our businesses and our residents can continue to work and live in Glendale without feeling yet another rate increase thrust upon them. 

We support the Glendale Water & Power’s decision to modernize its infrastructure and meet state mandates. However, the ANCA Glendale feels those financial needs can be met through other means and other considerations, as do the current responses from the Glendale Community. The ANCA Glendale is open and willing to work with the Glendale Water & Power and city authorities on more acceptable alternatives.

Talar Malakian

Editor's Note: The writer is executive director of the Glendale Chapter of the Armenian National Committee of America. 

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