This is not the time for rate increases

The Glendale City Council should give more thought to ratepayers before raising electric rates nearly 30% over five years.

Many ratepayers are still recovering from the worst economic downturn in recent memory. This is not the time for huge increases in electric rates.

It’s important that the council determines how to cut back the proposed rate hikes while also helping Glendale Water & Power resolve its persistent financial problems. Both can be accomplished by significantly reducing the $21 million GWP transfer to the general fund.

The council cut the transfer by $250,000 each of the past two years. This reduction is only about 1% of the annual transfer and much too small to help GWP regain its financial footing.

Making a major reduction in the transfer would provide GWP more revenue to rebuild cash reserves and complete critical repairs. It should also allow the utility to reduce its requested rate increases. A revenue shortfall in the general fund could be offset by recovering tax receipts and further cuts in city spending.

Ratepayers must be a priority as the council weighs the need for higher electric rates. They deserve nothing less.

Robert Getts

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