Monuments help us remember

Sometimes you're just plain proud. To be a person. To be a member of our local community. To watch the Glendale City Council and read the Glendale News-Press.

To witness incredibly strong feelings, beliefs and attitudes confronted peacefully. I'm proud when parts of our communities face each other on Glendale's common ground. To run such opposing stories “History, truth, put on view” and “Former WW II sex slave speaks out” across the entire front page above the fold (July 31) tells this old paper man that great care and involvement went into the layout.

History is history and monuments are monuments, as anyone that has been to Pearl Harbor and the wreck of the battleship Arizona attests. Neither the United States nor these Korean women are at war with Japan today but never should they, along with the City Council, the News-Press and our ethnically diverse community, forget.

Tim Jagoe
La Crescenta

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