Glendale rate increases had alternatives

Re: “City Council approves rate increases,” Aug. 14. Council members were presented extreme positions and doomsday scenarios to secure a majority of three votes.

A more modest rate increase was not given proper consideration. A set of assumptions were used by the city’s management that did not allow adequate discussion and consideration of alternative proposals.

A combination of alternatives was a viable solution and deserved to be considered in its entirety.

A smaller rate increase (e.g. 4% for first two years and 3% in years three, four and five) combined with a larger annual reduction in the transfer (e.g. $4 million instead of $1.25 million by 2018), a slower replenishment of the cash reserve (e.g. increase by $40 million instead of $62.6 million by 2018), and a smaller “Pay-Go” capital target (e.g. $30 million instead of $39.3 million by 2018) should have been considered as an alternative package.

Berdj Karapetian

Editor's Note: The writer is chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America-Glendale chapter.

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