No plastic bags mean more dog waste in Glendale

Now that Glendale no longer gives free plastic bags at any of the larger stores, I have noticed dog poop everywhere. Not only are there piles next to piles, but I am seeing people not clean up after their dogs. I usually offer them a bag and sometimes they take it, but mostly they pretend they didn't hear me.

I guess the city is adding to their “clean city” issues by not thinking of what dog owners would do with their dog feces once they took away our free bags.

I was already picking up bags, butts, empty bottles and other items. I just don't get what the city is seeing. The folks at City Hall need to take a walk not only in the downtown area, but through the parks and main streets. There is trash everywhere, broken furniture, litter and cigarette butts. I love seeing people below the smoke-free city sign smoking away while their dogs go to the bathroom.

Can't Glendale just be what it says it is and start cleaning up?

Paddi Thomas

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