Hot and bothered over News-Press photo

The front page photo labeled “It's doggone hot” on Aug. 30 raised a question on the photos selected.

Why would the Glendale News-Press feature a photo of a young adult smoking in a park on what was reported to be a historically hot day for La Crescenta? At first glance the cigarette is not noticeable, but at second glance it is clearly visible dangling from her right hand.

I am upset seeing anyone smoking in a public park where children are present and a tossed cigarette butt can easily cause a fire on a hot, dry day. I am even more upset that the News-Press selected a photo that represents an act that is not only harmful, but illegal.

I would suggest that the staff takes more scrutiny in the selection of their photos by noting every detail present.

Eliza Collison
La Crescenta

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