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Problems with the dog-park photo

Problems with the dog-park photo
Chandra Tamraz, 19 of Sunland, and her dog Kilo rest in the shade at the Crescenta Valley Dog Park as temperatures reached the century mark in La Crescenta on Thursday, August 29, 2013. Temperatures will remain hot through the weekend.
(Raul Roa / Staff Photographer)

Good observations made by Eliza Collison regarding the front-page photo on Aug. 30 titled “It’s doggone hot.” The photo shows a young woman at a local dog park with a cigarette in her hand. One can assume the cigarette is lit and being smoked.

As noted by Collison, the temperature was historically high that day. Might I also add, the humidity was very low. With two years of below-average rainfall, these conditions make for extreme fire danger. I believe this particular dog park is surrounded on three sides by homes nestled among groves of mature oak trees and located at the base of a dense chaparral-covered hillside.

The woman, not knowing her circumstances, I will not judge. But, the selection of this photo by the News-Press staff, I will judge. It indicates a total lack awareness or concern for current laws and public safety. Oh, and please add, absolutely no common sense.

Perhaps, like the cigarette, it is hard to see. But, where is the collar with tags on this hopefully friendly and healthy dog?

Susan Kilpatrick
La Crescenta