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Letter: No sympathy for Twelve Oaks seniors

Letter: No sympathy for Twelve Oaks seniors
John Neilan, one of the residents at Twelve Oaks who is being forced to leave, makes his way into his apartment at the facility on Tuesday, August 27, 2013.
(Roger Wilson / Staff Photographer)

Three cheers for Twelve Oaks Lodge closing and putting the land to better economic use.

We all know we are going to grow old, or die before we get old. The responsibility to provide for our retirement lies solely upon our own shoulders. If we fail to plan and save, then we can only rest on the kindness of strangers — or perhaps our children.

Most people only get 30 days notice to move; Twelve Oaks generously gave 60. A responsible adult understands that as renters, they may have to relocate occasionally. And property owners have no moral obligation to continue to keep a property that is losing money or could bring in larger revenues. The free market is about trading value for value. Twelve Oaks is a business, not a charity house. Morally, they should be praised for pursuing higher profits.

Many readers have shrilly screamed “greed.” But greed is good; greed simply is another name for ambitiousness. Shareholders want to increase their wealth — as do we all who enjoy living on Earth. Would you really want your stocks to lose value?


Twelve Oaks should be morally praised for its good business sense. As for the seniors, its time to pack up and on to a new adventure. You’re not dead yet.

Ray Shelton