Letter: Twelve Oaks closing is the end of an era

As a former Ticktocker who graduated from National Charity League in 1995, I am saddened by the closing of Twelve Oaks Lodge.

My memories of Twelve Oaks began when I was a kindergartner at my first Easter egg hunt with the residents. We all wanted to find the golden egg and the residents were all there to help us. There were ice cream socials on Sundays, secret Santas, countless bingo games, afternoon barbecues and cherished hours of getting to know the residents.

Ruth, a survivor of the Holocaust, opened my eyes to what it was to overcome a horrific young adulthood. More importantly, her example taught me about forgiving and how strong a woman can be. This is my most cherished memory of my years at Twelve Oaks.

Sadly, I guess we truly have become a disposable society. What will happen to the residents of Twelve Oaks? Where will they all be relocated? Will they be able to maintain the friendships that they have shared with the other residents? Will they still be able to share their wisdom with teenage girls, like Ruth did with me? Who will be their secret Santas, serve them ice cream on warm summer afternoons, and share a bingo game? Closing Twelve Oaks will be the end of an era in our community.

Tracy Whyte Shaw

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