Letter: City out of step with water conservation

There have been several letters published in the News-Press regarding the issue of leaf blowers and their negative effects. I agree with the several writers that the blowers are noisy and create unnecessary dust. Unfortunately, I personally have been unable to locate a gardener that will detach himself from this tool.

However, I did observe one solution being used by Glendale Fire Department Station 24. One of the firefighters was using the station's power hose to wash the leaves and water into the street. This use of water certainly does eliminate the dust factor.

However, it must be questioned if this is the best use of water, given the position of Glendale Water & Power and its ongoing admonition to everyone to do their part to conserve water. Since Station 24's water bill is passed on to the residents, it appears that there is no incentive to use a rake or maybe even a leaf blower.

I would love to hose my driveway and others areas of my home; however, in the past I was cited by the city for watering my potted plants. So here is another example of the city of Glendale playing favorites with its “do as I say, not as I do” policy.

Carole Weling

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