Letter: Move of Glendale supporter is a loss

At the beginning of summer, Glendale lost one of its precious resources to the small coastal town of Bandon, Ore. In 2012, Sally MacAller, niece of Dan Campbell and guardian of the family home Ard Eevin sold her 1903 eclectic wood-framed home along with four generations of her family's involvement.

She loved Glendale, its rich history, and was a voracious reader, personally knowing many of the authors she read. The Glendale Historical Society always knew all they had to do was ask, and she would graciously volunteer her home for an event. She was always anxious to curate an art show, or volunteer for the Friends of the Library or other arts organizations by generously giving her time for the betterment of culture in her beloved city.

At an event in her home, MacAller would seamlessly glide from room to room, carrying on simultaneous conversations on multiple topics, always the hostess. She was the epitome of chic, and maintained a physicality that any teenage girl would envy. One of our last meetings involved copying some Campbell family photos so that the images could remain with the city and, more specifically, the Doctors House Museum.

I admire the adventurous spirit that brought her to Glendale years ago, but now it seems the Oregon coast will reap the benefit of her largesse and boundless energy. Glendale has lost an important part of its cultural heritage now that Ard Eevin is no longer in her loving hands.

Peter Rusch
The writer is assistant director of the Doctors House Museum.

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