Letter: Parking permits are worth the trouble

Re: “Parking permit scheme is all wrong,” Mailbag, Nov. 9. Letter writers Jolene Taylor and Jennifer Pinkerton should be ecstatic that they have parking districts in their areas. Every person on our block signed the petition because we are choked out with cars whose owners do not live here but think we are their personal overflow area.

Even though lack of parking and a full participation in the petition are the only criteria, we were denied with the admonishment, “you'll just have to share.”

Unfortunately, we are doing all the sharing. We have elderly and disabled persons on our block who have long-standing and regular parking places in front of their houses for themselves and caregivers, but this is not important to the disrespectful, junk-car crowd.

Some of the cars are being stored, but disappear before they can be removed, seemingly tipped off. Lots of out-of-state plates grace us with their presence. If we want to have company, during the weekdays is the only time anyone can park and visit.

And Taylor and Pinkerton are probably being denied the fun experience of waking up at 1 a.m. to a booming stereo and doors slamming. The cars with loud stereos, who appear to be nocturnal animals, seem to think we are delighted to wake up to their mindless, pounding garbage.

And speaking of garbage, these lovely types don't believe in garbage cans, and enjoy throwing cigarette butts at our lawns as they drive by, so we clean up after them on a regular basis. I would pay the premium for the parking district in a hot minute!

M.Z. Hermosillo

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