Letter: Artist's paintings inspire sun worship

Oh, Los Angeles sun, what a magnificent source it is. It shines on us in the morning and blankets us with warmth. Our blue sky gives us hope that all is well and will be well in the world — until we read the daily papers.

The sun and the blue sky over Los Angeles have inspired many creative individuals. One painter, Sam Francis, a son of Los Angeles whose works are displayed in many museums, studied and worked in different countries and cities but always returned to the Los Angeles area because he knew, correctly, that L.A. has the best sun and he loved it.

Now we have a great opportunity to see his many creations at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, until Jan. 5. We see in his works how he captured L.A.'s sun in splendid colors, magnificently. The exhibition is worth a visit and the museum, a valued place, is worthy of our support. See it once, see it twice. I did, and now I can look at our sun with more appreciation and even with love.

Sarkis Abrahamian

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