Letter: Look at the student to counselor ratio

I found the article by Mark Kellam on Nov. 21 about the performance of our Glendale Unified high schools that cited the percentage of graduation completion and CSU/UC admission readiness criteria of interest.

Rather than the board members ringing their hands, wondering how to improve the performance data cited, they first should look at the unbelievable counselor/student ratio per counselor in each school.

Using their own 2012 enrollment data they might acknowledge the fact that these overworked and committed staff members are the first and most important individuals who could implement change. There needs to be more personnel available for student contact.

Looking at the website for the five high schools I found the following data about enrollment and access to counselors. Daily continuation enrollment of 267 for one counselor equals a 267 to 1 ratio. Hoover's enrollment of 1,947 with four counselors equals a 486 to 1 ratio. Clark Magnet's enrollment of 1,130 with two counselors equals a 565 to 1 ratio. Glendale High's enrollment of 2,383 with five counselors equals a 567 to1 ratio. Crescenta Valley High's enrollment of 2,906 with four counselors equals a 726 to 1 ratio.

As a Glendale resident of over 50 years, I am very proud of the unbelievable task our counselors are doing each and every day. They deserve our recognition and support for the multiple tasks they are performing. Let's use our tax money where it will be the most effective!

Jack L. Wright
The writer is a retired counselor and chairman of the Glendale Elks Club’s scholarship committee.

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