Letter: Time is a factor in class enrollment

It is good to hear that Glendale Community College enrollment is on the rise. I am one of the students that had lots of difficulties enrolling in the college.

Many of the students tend to take more units and become a full-time student which is a good sign for an educational center. However, most of those full timers are international students who are obliged to take at least 12 units since they have time limitations to stay in the country and they need to finish their courses quickly.

On the other hand, most native students tend to take fewer units because they have to work to take care of their living expenses.

The other reason is time, the enemy of college completion. The longer it takes, the more life gets in the way of success. There are more classes in spring and fall and fewer in summer and winter, so students have to take more classes in order to finish the college promptly. The economy is not good and people with a higher education have more opportunities to get a job so another obstacle is the time. By taking more classes this problem can be solved.

Armineh Nazarian

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