Letter: Council members are not kings and queens

As I watched the Glendale City Council Meeting on cable Dec. 10, I was shocked and embarrassed by the way Mayor Dave Weaver treated a citizen who was giving input on an agenda item. The citizen was critical of the city's irresponsible spending and gave a few factual examples. Mayor Weaver interrupted the citizen several times and then said something to the effect of, “If you don't like the way we run the city, why don't you move out?”

The mayor cut the citizen off and made it very clear that the issue was not open for discussion, but let Councilman Quintero and City Manager Ochoa discuss it, and make comments about how misinformed the citizen was — note, that's misinformed in their opinion. But, of course, the citizen got no chance for a rebuttal.

I have lived in Glendale for 64 years and am extremely disappointed at the lack of courtesy, manners, and professional demeanor of the mayor and some of the council members.

The mayor and council would better serve the citizens of Glendale if they were willing to listen to the citizens and not act like royalty because of their positions. Seems I remember voting for council positions, not kings and queens!

If the mayor and the council like spending money, perhaps a useful expenditure might be some etiquette books by Emily Post for their own personal use.

John Samuel

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