Letter: Outreach program not a good idea

On Dec. 10 the Glendale City Council approved spending about $80,000 to hire Cerrell Associates to conduct a public outreach program. A program to determine the likelihood of voters supporting a June 2014 revenue-generating ballot measure. In plain English, the council is using taxpayers’ money to hire Cerrell Associates to influence and convince us to vote for higher taxes.

If our city council were good stewards of the city finances, an outside company with a 95% success rate would not be looking for ways to pick the pockets of the public.

Mayor Dave Weaver knew I would be speaking against this spending measure. As the only speaker on the issue, rather than allowing me the usual two or three minutes to speak, he allotted me exactly 60 seconds to speak on one of the most serious financial issues facing the voters in 2014.

In a city of about 192,000 people, why didn’t anyone else from the public care enough to come before the council to speak on spending $80,000 for an outreach program?

The city manager stated that a new public survey that is coming out will state that the majority of Glendale citizens were happy with the way the city was being run. Of course, these are probably the same people who do not know who their local representatives in the state Assembly or state Senate are. Also, they probably do not know our five council members’ names.

Most of all, did the public survey inform the participants that the council would be considering spending $80,000 in taxpayers’ money to hire a professional company to influence and convince the participants to vote for higher taxes? Of course not.

Mike Mohill

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