Letter: City doesn't deserve high marks on smoking regulations

Re: Front page article “City gets top score for its smoking regulations,” Jan. 26. Are you kidding me? Whether I am in Montrose, Glendale or even the Americana, people are smoking everywhere and there is no enforcement in sight. In fact, Pasadena and Burbank seem to be much more smoke-free friendly. Because I am an asthmatic, I find myself holding my breath more often these days in order to make it through all the smoke-filled air that is circulating in our community.

People are rude, drivers are terrible, crosswalks are a risk, trash is everywhere and now our air is more tainted than ever. When we add all the automobiles that will be coming our way due to the massive construction that is going on, our air will only get worse. It is no wonder that many of our residents have been opting to avoid Glendale entirely by shopping and spending their money in Arcadia.

I grew up in Glendale and it was always a clean and safe city. It’s a shame that I am unable to say that any longer. The city seems to be more interested in bringing in more residents and less concerned about the health, safety and welfare of its existing citizens who have been paying taxes for years.

Elaine Alexander


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