Letter: Drivers need to do a better job with turn signals

Hey, drivers, a few things about “blinkers,” otherwise known as turn signals.

First, the control is usually on the stem of the steering wheel. I suspect they are an option on Mercedes, BMWs and other luxury cars because they are so seldom used on those models. My guess is that they are a very expensive option on Range Rovers, Escalades and Humvees because I cannot remember ever seeing them used on these models.

Second, this blinker contraption is supposed to be used whenever you turn, change lanes, pull out of a parking space, pull into a parking space, pull over to wait for a parking space, etc. So, when you are sitting there in the middle of the street giving no indication as to your intention and someone beeps at you, try using your turn signal.

Third, when there is an open spot in front of you and someone puts on their blinker to fill that spot it does not mean that you should speed up and do everything possible to fill that spot before the guy with the blinker and a clear/legal shot at the open spot does. The poor son of a gun is not trying to race you, he is just trying to change lanes. This could be a big reason why people do not use their blinkers.

Lastly, using your blinker when there is no open spot does not allow you to cut off the driver that is in the spot that you want to be in. You have to wait until there is an open spot, or for someone so kind as to let you in. I am an optimist.

George NeJame

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