Letter: More apartments won't help economy

With the addition of 3,800 new apartment units — many of which will be designated for low-income residents, what kind of retail should we expect to cater to this new clientele? Might we expect a Goodwill Superstore? Or does the Glendale City Council expect these folks will be shopping at Bloomingdale’s and dining at the new Bourbon House in the Americana?

It doesn’t appear that the Eleve apartments on Broadway has done much for the shopping mall in the Maryland Plaza and I’ve never seen more than a handful of people in the bar at the new MGN Theater since it opened. I guess the $50 monthly movie pass might exceed your budget if you have to live in subsidized housing.

I also can’t imagine the occupancy rate at the Eleve is that great. Every time I go by there in the evening most of the units are dark. So who’s going to live in all these apartments — artists?

When it comes to city planning, why does it seem that the Glendale City Council always gets it wrong?

Mark Walcoff

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