Letter: Traffic safety needs to be taken seriously

Recently there has been a mildly heated controversy on the Royal and Greenbriar Canyons social network over police efforts to control the flagrant driver problems in the area.

Unfortunately there were those who objected to police “hiding in driveways.” The tickets given out were even called “bogus.” Other writers, including myself, vigorously applauded the efforts by police to control those bad drivers who speed up and down Royal and Greenbriar and barely slow down at the stop signs, providing the potential to maim or kill.

But this is actually a much bigger issue than just my neighborhood and encompasses all of Glendale. Insurance industry statistics indicate that Glendale drivers have some of the worst driving skills in the country. Drive around the city a bit and you will quite likely confirm this. There seems to be a defective thought process among all too many of our drivers and pedestrians that conjures up the belief that it is OK to ignore the laws that attempt to control the inherent dangers on our streets and to save lives. Come on, all you Glendale drivers, wake up to the fact that the car you are driving can easily be a killing machine and the traffic laws are there to help reduce that killing potential. Thank goodness the police are out there trying to curb those who choose to ignore that life-saving potential of our traffic laws.

Robert Morrison

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