Letter: Find solutions to high insurance rates

Do you live in Glendale? Do you own a car? Then you are paying high car insurance premiums simply because you live in this city. Single drivers paid an average of $1,823 for annual premiums for basic liability car insurance in 2013. This is 62% higher than the average cost in California, according to a study by Value Penguin. The main reason for this high rate is because the city has a high number of accidents that result in bodily damage as well as a high number of accidents with uninsured or underinsured drivers. Insurers consider Glendale a high risk city.

One solution would be to make the driving license exam strict and offer driving classes at the DMV. Also, Glendale should definitely think about developing a better public transportation system to give citizens the option of using public transport over personal vehicles. Insurers should also do more to encourage good driving by introducing bigger discounts and rewards for drivers whose DMV record is free of traffic violations or accidents.

Miko Keshish

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