Letter: Don't jeopardize your fellow drivers

I am a 30-year resident of Glendale and wholeheartedly respect and support the pedestrian walkways.

However, to all of those drivers who suddenly decide to stop midstream for a pedestrian who decides to jay walk: You are aiding and abetting this jaywalker and more importantly, you are jeopardizing all of the unsuspecting drivers who share the road with you.

I have witnessed this several times, the most recent being this past Sunday on East Doran Street where I had to slam on the brakes when a driver decided he was going to stop for a woman walking her dog. In defense of the woman, she had not yet advanced onto the street. But the driver took it upon himself to abruptly stop and wait for her to cross. She politely declined with a “you go on” wave. But nonetheless, he slammed on his brakes and the domino effect could have taken place.

Don’t make up rules where there are none and jeopardize your fellow drivers on the road.

Patricia L. Tyson

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