Letter: Cartoonist didn't water down issue

As a 30-year resident of Glendale, I have never enjoyed a cartoon more than Bert Ring’s “Dangerous Waters” in the Forum section on the weekend of April 5 and 6. Give the guy a raise — a hefty one.

Bert Ring is not only politically astute, but courageous as well, to illustrate pictorially how the Glendale City Council, directed by former City Manager Jim Starbird and current City Manager Scott Ochoa have violated and trampled on the Glendale City Charter with their illegal utility transfers to the city’s general fund.

Both the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union and the Glendale Coalition for Better Government, a nonprofit organization, have filed lawsuits. Please refer to the Glendale News-Press Forum page on March 17 to see a file photo of the press conference held on the filing of the lawsuit, and the letter to the editor from candidate Mike Mohill that gave a passionate plea for the City Council to heed the cry of the people before Glendale’s citizens revolt. Praise and acclaim to all who fight to right wrongs.

Laima Baltrénas


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