10-20-30 Years Ago

Ten Years Ago: Two men wearing Ninja masks robbed Citizen's Business Bank in La Cañada on a Friday afternoon, shortly before closing. The men waved their guns in the air and pushed one teller to the ground during the robbery, according to the branch manager.

Twenty Years Ago

The small U.S. Post Office substation inside Marsh's Village Pharmacy was temporarily closed after burglars cut a hole in the drugstore's roof and ceiling and raided the store, taking $10,000 in stamps, $300 in currency and about $500 worth of drugs.

Thirty Years Ago

The Voyager 1 spacecraft, managed by JPL, moved in for its closest look at Saturn. Gov. Jerry Brown and science fiction writer Ray Bradbury were among those who visited the lab to watch images sent back to earth. "JPL will be remembered a thousand years from now for these missions that have made the planets no longer points of light but worlds that have been explored," said noted astronomer Dr. Carl Sagan.

Forty Years Ago

Torn up since 1969, the section of La Cañada Boulevard over the newly completed 210 Freeway was reopened on Nov. 9, 1970, by the state Division of Highways.

Fifty Years Ago

Officials at Pasadena City College were conducting an investigation into an off-campus fraternity hazing prank that left nine youths, including four from La Cañada, covered with tar and chained together in a desolate area near Bakersfield. The teens were found by CHP officers and sheltered at the Kern County Jail until their parents could retrieve them.

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