10-20-30 Years Ago

Ten Years Ago

Descanso Gardens topped the $1 million mark in community donations for the first time in its history. Then-Executive Director Richard Schulhof attributed the growth to several factors, including good management by the Descanso Gardens Guild.


Twenty Years Ago

An assault by one pair of suspects and a strong-arm robbery by another duo targeted the same man on a December weeknight in the parking lot of a La Cañada restaurant. The victim, a Montrose resident, told law enforcement officials that he lost $1,200 in cash and a $380 check during the two apparently separate attacks that took place within minutes of each other near his parked vehicle.


Thirty Years Ago

Reece Lewis, who had constructed Christmas scenes in his front yard on Santa Inez Way since 1964, announced he was retiring and moving to the Pacific Northwest with his wife Phyllis. He sold his "Dickens Village" scene with animated figures, which he had created in 1974, to Eagle Rock Plaza shopping center.


Forty Years Ago

A home in the 3700 block of Chevy Chase Drive was burglarized and the take — $16,734 in goods — was characterized by a reporter as one of the biggest in the history of Flintridge. Two mink coats were among the items taken. Every room of the house had been ransacked within a span of about five hours.


Fifty Years Ago

Sheriff's deputies arrested four Flintridge Prep students in December 1960 after they admitted taking part in a 90-minute spree breaking Flintridge-area house windows, lampposts and street lights with an air rifle.

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