Pieroni sees public service as a way of giving back to community

Len Pieroni, LCF city council candidate.
(Courtesy of Len Pieroni)

While a recent health incident caused him to temporarily suspend campaign activities, Pieroni said he’d possibly consider a second term on the La Canada City Council if things worked out.

For Len Pieroni — who came to La Cañada as a fifth-grader, graduated from La Cañada High and later returned to raise two children — serving on the City Council is giving back to a community that’s given him so much.

Serving as the city’s appointed mayor while working as an engineering and construction manager at La Cañada’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pieroni attends numerous local events and represents La Cañada on the L.A. County Sanitation District Board of Trustees, the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District and the League of California Cities.

He came to the La Cañada Flintridge City Council in 2015 and was appointed in an uncontested election cycle alongside council members Mike Davitt and Terry Walker. Now he seeks a second term.


As a council member Pieroni has worked with La Cañada school officials through the Joint Use Committee and served on groups tasked with examining freeway sound wall construction, the design of City Hall’s interior and the efficiency of La Cañada’s electrical grid.

Before that, he served on the city’s Public Works and Traffic Commission, where he advised on matters pertaining to public infrastructure. Running for reelection in March seemed like a natural way to continue his record of public service.

“Personally, I think everyone on the council has been really great in the past four years,” Pieroni said Monday. “And I hope I’ve done a good job at it.”

Pieroni was assembling a reelection campaign in late December, when he experienced a serious health scare that required a brief period of hospitalization. As of Monday, still uncertain how his health condition and recovery might affect his work-life balance, Pieroni announced a temporary suspension of all campaign activities.


His name, however, will still appear on the ballot. Were he to secure enough votes for a win, he said he’d have to consider whether he’d feel up to a second term.

“There will be an election, it will happen. So, then I’d have to decide,” he said.

During his tenure Pieroni, who served as past president of the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Support Group, has focused on the importance of preventing residential and commercial crimes and maintaining fiscal prudence.

After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obsipo in 1986 with an engineering degree, Pieroni worked in the commercial sector before moving to La Cañada in 1995 with wife Brenda. The couple have two children studying engineering at Notre Dame — daughter Allison, 24, and 19-year-old son Leonard (Len) IV.

Pieroni said he sees his service as a way to give back to his hometown.

“People here have been very good to me and they’ve been supportive — it’s part of this whole beautiful community,” he said. “I can’t say enough good things.”

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