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Crime Report: Woman reports several pieces of fine jewelry disappear during a 3-month remodel project

The Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Support Group recently received a $12,000 donation from the Ca
Crimes in April included theft by access card, burglary, vehicle burglary, vandalism, petty theft, grand theft and identity theft.
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April 8

Theft by access card and petty theft: 1900 block of Tondolea Lane, La Cañada. A man who said he left his 2014 VW Jetta parked, unlocked, in his driveway overnight discovered during his noon lunch break from work the next day that his wallet was missing from it. He learned his debit card had been used at a Ralphs in Pasadena and at a Chevron station in Altadena. His credit card had been used to make four other purchases that were not detailed in the crime report.

April 9

Burglary: 2900 block of Montrose Avenue, Montrose. While a woman was taking her child to school between 7 and 8 a.m. that day, someone broke into her locked home and stole her Louis Vuitton handbag from a front hallway and two fine jewelry rings, each of which had a 2-carat diamond on it, from the master bedroom. Alerted to the break-in via a phone call from her alarm company, the woman rushed home to find the front door ajar and a patio side door halfway open. A scratch was found near the front door’s keyhole.


April 10

Vehicle burglary: 2800 block of Fairway Avenue, La Crescenta. A man reported that someone stole a tool bag and tools from the secured bed of his 2015 Ram truck, which he’d left parked on the street behind his apartment overnight. A deputy made inquiries in the neighborhood and learned from a man that at about 11:30 on April 9 he’d noticed a green Dodge truck parked in front of his home with the engine running and the lights on. He further stated he saw a male adult reaching into the victim’s truck bed, removing items, but assumed he was taking them with the permission of the truck’s owner.

April 11

Vehicle burglary: 4700 block of La Cañada Boulevard, La Cañada. A man reported that sometime between 6:30 p.m. April 10 and 8:15 a.m. April 11 someone ransacked the interior of his 2016 Ford Fusion, which he’d locked when he parked it in his driveway. Pieces of mail were taken during the incident.


Vandalism: 4300 block of Encinas Drive, La Cañada. A woman who said she parked her 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan on the street in front of her home at about 9:15 p.m. April 10 returned to it at 11:30 a.m. the next day to find an 18-inch scratch on its trunk lift gate and a 12-inch scratch on the rear passenger panel. Also, she found a roof rack clamp had been damaged.

April 12

Petty theft from an unlocked vehicle: 1000 block of Fairview Avenue. The vehicle registration was stolen out of a 2012 Toyota 4Runner, which had been left parked, unlocked, on the street in front of his home overnight. Surveillance footage shows a man and a woman quickly ransacking the SUV together during the early morning hours of April 11.

April 12

Vandalism: 2700 block of Montrose Avenue, Montrose. A woman reported that someone scratched the right side paneling of her 2019 Toyota Yaris while it was parked in a lot between 2:05 and 2:37 p.m. that day.

April 13

Petty theft: 400 block of Foothill Boulevard, La Cañada. A woman reported that someone removed her wallet from her purse while she was grocery shopping. She discovered the theft when she reached the check-out counter.

April 14


Grand theft: 4500 block of Cypress Drive, La Cañada. A woman reported that sometime between Dec. 9, 2018 and Feb. 28 of this year, while numerous construction people were in and out of her house working on a remodeling project, several pieces of fine jewelry were taken. Her insurance company advised her on April 12 to make a police report.

April 15

Identity theft: 3100 block of Evelyn Street, Montrose. A woman learned from her bank that her nephew had opened a loan in her name and had the loan funds transferred into his account. She does not have current contact information for him and doesn’t want to press charges but was told she’d need to file a police report for the fraudulent action.

Compiled from reports on file at the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station.