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Time to Decide, Bush or Kerry?

Congress and the people of this nation were told we were in imminent danger of attack by Iraq’s chemical and WMDs.

Danger was so imminent we could not allow UN Inspections to complete or form a truly unified coalition against Iraq. The U.S., being strong of will and righteous in our quest, would go it alone against the looming forces of evil.

So, Bush formed a weak/symbolic alliance, preemptively invaded Iraq, alienated the UN and significant multinational supporters, deeply divided our nation, depleted our budget surplus and created the largest budget deficit in our history; only to find there were no WMDs or imminent danger. If Bush weren’t so arrogant, took time to gather information and built an effective collation we could have saved thousands of lives, enjoyed world support, spent our billions securing our own shores, educating our own children, providing heath care to our nation, maybe even found Bin Laden and crippled Al Qaida (who attacked us 9-11, not Iraq).

There is little hope, with Bush at the helm, we will succeed in Iraq without exceedingly more bloodshed or get out of this mess any time soon. And what’s next on the Bush agenda, Iran? Syria? These wars will go on for many years, cost billions more and cause even greater division. Kerry-Edwards have definitively said they will not reinstate the Mandatory Draft if elected. Rumsfeld/Bush insist a draft is not necessary - but how will Bush replenish armies for increasingly unpopular wars that few will volunteer to fight? Bush/Rumsfeld told us Iraq had WMDs; their no-draft claims are equally questionable.


The “unsinkable” Titanic sank when they did not recognize a change of course was needed to avoid disaster. Bush stubbornly removed the lifeboats, pointed us straight into that iceberg and in water up to our ears still can’t figure out we’re sinking. With Kerry there is hope of enlisting the support needed to avoid losing thousands more lives and repair our nation. With Bush there is no hope, except more of the same getting worse.

Pamela Woncik

La Cañada Flintridge