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What Chemical Imbalance?

To the children and young adults who have been told you need a prescription drug to handle a behavior problem ?and to their parents: Certainly parents want to do the best for their children, so when a professional advises, we listen. I am challenging today that we are not always getting the best advice. “I want a second opinion” has not gone out-of-date. Let’s use it.

Start with asking, “A chemical imbalance? Can I see the lab test showing this? You know, blood test, saliva, anything?” Really, if I am to give my child a drug (a stimulant, which the FDA has just acknowledged causes “visual hallucinations, suicidal ideation, psychotic behavior, as well as aggression or violent behavior”)* to handle this “chemical imbalance,” I would like to be sure.

“Oh, no test was done?” Now we know there is no test. The president of the American Psychiatric Association stated in People magazine (July11 ), “We do not have a clean-cut lab test.” Dr. Sharfstein also stated on the” Today” show that insurance doesn’t pay for anything but drugs, seemingly his justification for prescribing them to children.

Over 8 million schoolchildren are taking a drug of this category (a $1 billion dollar-a-year industry) despite the fact that there is no medical or scientific test for the chemical imbalance theory. This is child abuse.


We have been denied information on these dangerous suicide and violence-inducing drug side effects. Finally, we are getting the truth so we can make truly informed decisions.

* “FDA Eyes Pyschiatric Risks of ADHD Drugs”


Marcy Sanders


La Canada