Response to 'Lousy Tip'

I think that Mr. Tanabe must be waiting for his huge vote of thanks from the fine people of La Cañada for pointing out that our dedicated law enforcement officers are certainly not qualified to provide the general public with advice and recommendations based on their years of experience and COMMON SENSE in dealing with all matters of public safety and concern.

Mr. Tanabe apparently feels that HE is more qualified to tell the good citizens of this community that they are better off NOT listening to such professionals and should be more inclined to follow his teachings - based on years of personal experience, I am sure.

Never mind that most law enforcement officers have, over their years of field experience, witnessed countless incidents of senseless and unnecessary loss of life due to the mishandling of weapons, to include the unfortunate accidents that occur when young or even adult children get their hands on these weapons and fail to recognize their deadly potential.

Mr. Tanabe is fully correct that everyone should have the right to have such weapons, and if they do so choose, MUST do so with the understanding that THEY have the ultimate responsibility to safeguard these weapons from children and other unauthorized persons, AND submit to training in order to ensure safe handling AND storage AT ALL TIMES.

As a 30+ year law enforcement professional, I ALWAYS had a weapon either on my person or within reach. This included my home. HOWEVER, I NEVER left a weapon unsecured.

I think that Mr. Tanabe could have fully expressed his opinion WITHOUT demeaning a member of one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the U.S. (No, I was NOT an LASD officer).

I would hope that most people who have read Mr. Tanabe's letter recognize his focus as not being that of sound logic and with respect for the lives and safety of his family and others who might fall victim to one of his weapons should it ever be stolen from his "unsecured" storage place.

There was NEVER an incident that I had either personal knowledge or otherwise wherein someone who was placed in a position to defend their family INSIDE their own home did not have ample opportunity to do so even with the weapon fully secured in a safe or gunbox.

Mr. Tanabe's approach to the logical and appropriate recommendations of Detective Murphy clearly indicate his lack of experience and responsible thinking.

I trust that people will still make the decision that when their lives are placed in harm's way, they will continue to call upon our dedicated and professional law enforcement officers and NOT depend on the likes of the "Mr. Tanabes" of the world to be there for them and give them the advice and counsel they need.

David Granish

La Crescenta

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