Unbiased Approach

I appreciate your unbiased story on the Raymond Theater ["Preservationists Continue Efforts to Save Pasadena's Raymond Theatre," Aug. 25].

I particularly liked the bored, peeved look on the Buchanans in the photo you printed. That pretty much sums up their stance - sit and wait with their arms folded and play the victim, in hopes that their opposition will give up and go home. They've been holding to the same strategy for nearly two decades.

"Until they buy the damn building, they have no rights to criticize me," whines Buchanan, playing up to those who don't realize he ignores all calls of inquiry about selling the building, insults those who do actually attempt to buy it, or raises his price with every offer. Why sell a building for any price when he'll make triple that with condominiums? Thanks to the gift by a city council tired of his antics, the Buchanans' white elephant is about to turn into a gold mine. So don't misread their body language - they're just impatient to get to work, permits or no, and leave the arguing until later. Incidentally, they've named their project the "Raymond Renaissance" - a name as creepy as the "Patriot Act." Shameless? Of course. Full speed ahead!

Mel Gurney


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