Rodent, Reloaded

I cannot believe this! Another mouse/rat in the pantry!

Royal just suggests I have a meaningful chat with the cat regarding his practice of bringing the outdoors IN.

This time there is nothing the creature can get into, so it is shredding the cardboard sleeve on a can of English Plum Pudding.

I was trying to explain rat poison to the French kid -- how it is the same chemical used to thin the blood when people get older. Warfarin/cumidin.

He fixed me with that particularly French look and asked dryly, "You give this to the mouse to make it old or to your old people to kill them?"

Then he announces we need a TRAP! Mais OUI! And to bait it with the cheese! C'est vrai!

"We weel keeel Mickey DEAD!"

About then is when Claire called from Alaska to say she had "high-bottomed" her car onto a snowbank but she and it are fine (no word on the snowbank.) Upon hearing my plan to poison the critter she said "Ugh." But she just laughed when told of Ben's plan to trap it. "He'll never do that. He'd never waste his precious CHEESE."

Since today is Thanksgiving, I have agreed to give the thing one chance. We will shut all the doors to the laundry area tonight and lay a cheese tidbit trail across the floor to the outer door. There it is mousie, your one and only chance.

Predictably, Ben protested.

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