Ticktockers Hear Talk on Relationships


Erica Eddleman of Shen Life in Montrose presented a holistic approach to relationships to the Class of 2008 Glendale Chapter of the National Charity League Inc.

Eddleman said having the supportive information to investigate relationships more clearly is the key. She said how people feel about their relationships to people, places or things turns into what's real in their hearts, minds and bodies. She told the audience life isn't happening like a conspiracy based on the external world, but actually life reflects what's going on inwardly.

"I'm studying life through all of the mini experiments or my many relationships where I gather data based on how I feel inwardly," Eddleman said. "Then, I can more consciously take actions that support my highest potential."

The girls participated in role playing games and group exercises. Teryl Mac Dougall and her daughter, Kelsey, illustrated the power of a relationship building exercise called Eyes Gazing for the group. Afterward, Kelsey said, "I learned a lot about dealing with relationships and how I react to people around me...now I see how I build my self worth based on my relationships." 20051222irrjl1nc(LA)TICKTOCKERS -- Ticktockers from National Charity League Inc, Glendale Chapter Class of 2012 help the Salvation Army spread Christmas cheer by helping to assemble and fill more than 450 food boxes for needy families. Included are Cami Burton, Amanda Rose Johnson, Carolyn Hotchkin, Kaleigh Raiche, Michelle Van Wyck, Corrine Hodgson, Kelly Morrow, Amy Trivers, Robin Jamison, Courtney McCutcheon, Chelsea Meeks, Christine Bathke and Meredith Horner.

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