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Islamic Congregation of La Cañada Flintridge Continues to Reach Out, Volunteer

Friday, May 18, the Islamic Congregation of La Canada Flintridge [ICLCF] had a potluck dinner at the Roger Barkley Community Center where they met fellow members of the Islamic faith as well as continued their outreach to the community crossing all religious barriers.

This is the third meeting of the newly formed group and the first one that was held during Daylight Saving Time. Part of the Islamic faith is to pray five times each day, the last to be at sunset. In the past, members prayed at their home before the potluck however with the time change they prayed as a congregation in a room at the center.

The meeting continued with a brief wrap-up of what ICLCF has been doing over the past few weeks. Members had worked with San Gabriel Habitat for Humanity on projects in Glendale and plan to volunteer again at the end of June. They continued to reach out to other faiths with churches like St. Bede Catholic Church where members of the church visited the Islamic Center of Southern California. Members of ICLCF plan to visit St. Bede in July. Invited guests included Jay and Debra Johnson, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in La Cañada, Carol Martin from SGV Habitat for Humanity and members representing ILM [Intellect, Love and Mercy], an outreach organization from Los Angeles.

The members of ICLCF plan to work with ILM as they feed the homeless in Los Angeles. The organization not provides 200 meals for those in need but also hygiene kits and offers a health table where people can ask questions to nurses and doctors that have donated their time.


“But most of all it is you giving precious time and conversation,” said Naim Shah Jr, executive director of ILM. “Just to talk to these people makes a difference.”

The goal of ICLCF has been to reach out to other faiths in the community and to open up lines of communication. It is also a way for those within La Cañada to meet others of Islamic faith.

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