The Lighter Side:Sexism, Decimation Along Foothill Boulevard

A blatant example of discrimination sits defiantly on Foothill Boulevard just west of the Crescenta-Cañada YMCA. For months, there has been a lane reserved for single individuals. Several married couples have filed formal complaints with the city's road manager, Randy Asphalt.

"It is not fair," claimed a local resident, "Why do married people have to go around? It takes an extra ten minutes."

Gail, a recently separated mother of two, was confused. "I don't know if it is legal for me to drive in the lane or not. I'm not divorced and I'm not married. What do I do?"

Dale Dawson, a driver from Duarte, decided to diss the directive. "Couples get to drive in the carpool. Married people get to celebrate wedding anniversaries. This is just a lane for singles. People should get over it. Life is not fair."

Attorney Sue Yoo is considering filing legal action to have the sign removed.

"It not only is an insult to the entire institution of marriage, it's a really ugly sign. It must be removed or at least cleaned."

In the meantime, it remains a single lane on Foothill Boulevard.

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