Civility by Diana Olson:

It is a myth that heavy people cannot wear slacks. It is true, however, that one must be aware and very careful as to how they are worn.

Many lengths and types of pants are flattering, stylish and fashionable. Today, pants are being shown in many styles. There are cropped, high-waisted, jodpurs, wide-legged, camouflage prints, cargo pants, denims, and skin-tight leggings. There will be slim cuts that ride the hips. There will be roomy ones that flow over the curves, pants with matching jackets and vests, and boldly striped pants and jackets. Avoid the newest cropped pants in wild prints, large plaids, and horizontal stripes. Do not allow yourself to become frustrated or become a fashion faddist. Many of these rules also can be applied to menswear. There is something for the unique, beautiful, and handsome you!


Pants and

Positive Directions

•?Darker colors for pants; lighter color on top: For large hips and thighs.

•?Classic, softly pleated: For slightly full tummy, tall, and broad shoulders.

•?Simple and loose in design: Fuller size figure.

•?Thin vertical stripes: For under 5'7 to heighten figure.

•?Higher waistbands: Longer torso, short legs.

•?Fly Front: Flat tummy and larger hips.

•?Inward pleats: Larger hips and flat tummy.

•?Outward pleats: Slim hips, flat tummy, and broad shoulders.

•?Tunic tops over slacks: Short torso and tall.

•?Stretch denim: No more than 2% spandex, and slim.

•?Control top panty hose: Great for full hips, thighs, and tummy.

•?Straight-legged pants: Full hips and thighs.

•?Over-sized shirts and sweaters: Above 5'7” and slim.

•?Slacks length: Touching top of shoe lengthens legs.

•?Same color pants and jackets: Slims body.

•?Heavy hips, thighs, and tummy: Direct eyes upward with jewelry or scarf.

•?Longer jacket over hips: Short torso.

•?Tall figure: Good in jumpsuit, bell bottoms, flared legs, and palazzo pants, cuffs.

•?Hip Huggers: Good for short torso and long legs.

•?Trouser Pleats: Tall, slim hips, thighs, and tummy.

•?Strong Accessories: Narrow shoulders/ broad hips.


There is nothing wrong with your body, but you can certainly enhance it by making the correct choice in clothing!

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