Civility by Diana Olson:

Part 1


Each personality has its own uniqueness and charm. The Asian terms YinYin and Yang are often used to define masculine and feminine characteristics that each of us has in our personalities. Yang traits (masculine characteristics) are endurance, strength, and firmness. Yang is sophisticated, smart, and mature. Yin traits (feminine characteristics) are daintiness, sensitivity, and gentleness. Yin is delicate, charming, and sweet.

Most of us have a combination of Yin and Yang, and understanding the different qualities help in choosing fashions that emphasize personal expression.

Dramatic types (Yang) are usually above 5'7” and have a larger bone structure. More angularity is obvious in their facial, body shape and coloring. Often they will have a striking contrast between hair color and skin tone. Fabrics that will support a dramatic look range from satins to rich textures. Bold or ornate accessories or larger plain ones will enhance the dramatic type.

Natural personalities are often 5'7 or taller and have strong Yang characteristics. Their clothing can be smart sporty or extra casual. Body structure is more athletic and angular, and they often have a warmer skin tone. Naturals have a relaxed, casual, but extremely alert demeanor and exude a no-nonsense attitude. Clothing styles remain relaxed and comfortable. Their accessories will range from large chunky ethnic pieces to rope and natural textures. Makeup is nominal.

Classic Personalities have more Yin. They tend to have average body proportions and height, and their facial shape may be oval in design. These personalities exude femininity and properness. Classics wear clothing that is smart and refined, and look best with a harmonious total look that avoids heaviness, harshness or immodesty. You may even see these lovely ladies in hats and gloves.

DIANA OLSON, MA AICI CIP, is an Image & Etiquette Consultant who offers consultations and seminars. Diana can be contacted through

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