Let the cooking begin

About 100 volunteers began their work to build the world’s largest Rice Krispies Treat at the Community Center of La Cañada Flintridge’s baseball field on Friday afternoon.

The effort is for the pilot episode of a TV program called “Mega Bites,” produced by Beyond Productions, which will air on TLC if it’s picked up.

“We’re just out here to help the town of La Cañada and the community center here,” said Executive Producer Mark Herwick. “This area has taken a lot of hardships over the last year and we’re happy to bring the community together.”

The producers bought 7,000 lbs. of marshmallows and 5,000 lbs. of Rice Krispies, expecting 20% expected might be lost due to burning in the pan or falling on the ground.

Tubs of butter, tables for mixing and 15 bathtubs full of heated water filled the field, along with an enormous wooden crate that’s expected to be filled with the treats by Sunday.

Volunteers, mostly high school age or younger, began unwrapping the bags of marshmallows and mixing them in with the butter.

Girl Scout Troop 3461 was there Friday afternoon, having canceled a camping trip originally scheduled for this weekend.

“The girls took a vote whether to camp or do this,” said Jacki Harris, mother of Girl Scout Lindsey Harris. “They wanted to do this. We can camp any time.”

Harris said they’ll get a badge for their work.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Lindsey Harris. “The Community Center is important.”

“It’s all about the community here,” said Kirk Durham, head of development with Beyond Productions “Our offices are here in Hollywood and we all live in the area. Seeing [the wildfires and mudslides] on the news, it can happen to our neighbor; to any one of us.”

The plan is to make the world record treat on Friday and Saturday—producers said the goal is for 10,000 lbs., shattering the 2,500 lbs. record—and sell it by pieces at a carnival Sunday afternoon at the Center.

Officials with TLC said a couple hundred people have signed up to volunteer.

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