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Letters to the Editor: Mailbag: Old oaks and 60-year Dodgers fans deserve some loyalty

Re: “Hearing to reweigh removal of old oak,” Jan. 24. On our daily walk we always comment on how well the home on 650 Georgian Road was situated between two massive old oak trees. Now the new owner wants to get rid one of them to build a bigger home. We need to protect our ancient oak trees in any way possible. There are many ways possible to accomplish this. While on a walk with my grandson, we came across one way while visiting the headwaters of the Los Angeles River in Calabasas. It’s described in this short poem I wrote:

The Old Oak Tree

“We need to see the old oak tree with the fungus,” says Noah Artin.

The old oak tree, only a shell of its old self, emptied out to the top where the honey-golden fungus, still present, does its malignant destruction like cancer.


Old oak tree ready to fall with the next storm, as old grandfathers do.

But wait! This one has green leaves on its branches, ample acorns to keep squirrels happy for another season. Powerful branches leaning on much younger ones, naturally grafted, supporting and nourishing, stronger than a crutch, undying for now, older generation supported by the vibrant youth.

Youth weighed down with the weight of grave memories of the past generations.

Stronger, enjoying from the contact and blessing of the grandparents.


Thank you to reporter Sara Cardine for your coverage of this subject.

Gregory Ketabgian

La Cañada Flintridge


As Dodger season ticket holders for 60 years, we have been invited every year to upgrade our season seats. It has always been based on seniority (we go first) and we are offered a free Dodger dog for our visit and loyalty.

This year in the fine print and much to my surprise, priority was given to those that paid early for their tickets. I paid on time and was ushered to the back of the line without priority. Sixty years of loyalty, every game, every playoff ticket and I get shafted, all so the Dodgers could have the use of money for two or three months? Private equity at its worst terrible. Shame on the organization.

Edward Antonini

La Cañada Flintridge