Our Readers Write: President's visit keeps amnesty plan alive

So President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, are renewing their friendship with one Eduardo "Piolin" Sotelo. For personal or political reasons?

Obama visited him in Glendale on Oct. 22 and Michelle dropped by on Oct. 27. You may ask why I am bringing up those two meetings.

Sotelo, who runs a popular Spanish-language radio station in Glendale, was the person largely responsible for organizing that bold march and rally in downtown Los Angeles in 2007 when thousands of illegal Latino aliens demonstrated for their "rights" and were greeted by L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as "heroes." It was, by far, the largest public demonstration ever held in Los Angeles.

In his 2007 visit on Aug. 9, President Obama lauded the work of "Piolin" and said that the radio figure was a person "using your (radio) voice to advance justice and equality in this country," referring to the so-called unfair treatment of the illegals in this country.

Obama's visit was for the purpose of pushing amnesty for all illegals as he demonstrated this when he voted as a U.S. senator for the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill (advocating amnesty and co-authored by Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy) in 2007, which was defeated twice in the Senate. Of course, Obama is faced with too many national problems at present and has to put amnesty on the back burner, But he hasn't' forgotten Mr. Eduardo "Piolin" Sotelo and what he stands for and the influence he has, hence the visit of the Obamas.

Don Mazen


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