Your parcel tax dollars at work

Last year La Cañada residents began paying a parcel tax of $150 per year to aid the La Cañada Unified schools deliver the type of educational service this community has been known for over the last several decades. In fact, many people have moved here specifically for the well-regarded and highly- acclaimed public schools.

In large part, the property values in La Cañada have fallen less dramatically due to the high demand for entrance into the district schools.

A parcel tax committee is in place to insure that the money raised by the tax is actually delivered and used for the purposes outlined in the wording of the measure passed. The committee has also taken on the added role of giving you the opportunity to witness how those funds are being used. The committee has chosen to present an article every month for that purpose, written by a committee member.

The money is allocated by the district based on need. Need is determined often by what parents and children are requesting. If requests exceed ability, funds are utilized to meet the requests.

This month we are highlighting the elementary computer instruction specialists. It is not surprising that computer skills or electronic educational/communication interface (EECI; a new acronym) skills are vitally required at the beginning of the educational experience.

With these added funds, not available without the parcel tax, instructors who specialize in teaching these skills to elementary students can be paid, helping to insure that our students and parents proudly know LCUSD is offering an educational opportunity exceeding most other districts and one that can compare with the private sector.

GLENN FISCHEL is a member of the LCUSD Parcel Tax Oversight Committee. He can be reached via e-mail at

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