He's available by email

I am voting for Andrew “AJ” Blumenfeld for the La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board. He recognizes the uneven quality of teaching, especially at the high school. One manifestation of the problem is that many of our families are paying far too much for tutors to close the gaps.

Our school board has the tools to improve the situation but isn't using them. These tools include customer satisfaction surveys, value-added test scores and the appropriate setting of priorities. Andrew will provide much needed leadership to jump start this process.

Some of my friends are concerned about Andrew completing college at Princeton while he serves on our school board here in La Cañada. My response is twofold: First, Andrew will be available by phone and email, just as easy as contacting a local board member now. And when he is in town, he will hold regular office hours. Having known Andrew since he was in the second grade, I can assure you he will be as committed — if not more — than any local board member would be.

Second, and most important, Andrew will be a strong advocate for students and families at board meetings. He will make competent and consistent instruction the main priority for every student, every year. He has been through the system and truly knows the good and bad about it. This is long overdue. To learn more about Andrew, please check out his website at www.ajblumenfeld.com.

Whether you vote absentee or at the polls on Nov. 8, I encourage you to join me in voting for Andrew “AJ” Blumenfeld.

Taylor Carbonetti

La Cañada Flintridge

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