'Open Carry' bill erodes rights

Assemblyman Anthony Portantino was the sponsor of Assembly Bill 144, which called attention to the fact that Californians have always had the right to carry an unloaded sidearm, as long as it was out in plain sight.

This “open carry” practice is to remind the population that firearms are an integral part of our history and that the population should have the right to choose to carry, in order to defend/protect themselves from individuals or incidents that could result in life-threatening situations.

Our safety as individuals, and that of the population in general, is being continually compromised by the state-mandated policy of early release of incarcerated criminals due to California’s budget situation.

The more criminals that are released, the greater chance that we, the law-abiding members of society, may cross their paths. Don't we have just as much right to choose to defend ourselves as those people who might be offended, or may become uneasy at the sight of a holstered firearm worn in public by another member of society?

So while passage of Portantino's anti-carry bill has made a small percentage of society feel more relaxed and at ease when out and about, it has continued to further the politically correct procedure of restricting specific rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

With the limitations of public law enforcement, is it not in our individual best interests to be prepared?

Passage of more laws that further restrict our choices as a society should be replaced by processes and policies that empower, inform and educate us and help us to make thoughtful informative decisions as to how we govern ourselves.

Mike Nickoloff

La Cañada

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